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Webb Family History

By: Pamela Dianne Webb Taylor Clark Hill


Compiled by Descendants:

John B. Webb Born in 1800 and Died in 1865

Mary Pearson Webb Born ? and Died ?

John Pearson Webb Born in 1844 and Died in 1926

Asenath Denton Webb Born in ? and Died in 1871 or 1878

William Franklin Webb Born in 1866 and Died in 1916

Melissia Brannon Webb Born ? and Died ?

Nancy Mary Anna Etta (maiden name)Halbert Webb Stanberry Born in 1888 and Died in 1961

Samuel Grant Stanberry born in 1894 and Died in

My Great great Grandfather was John B. Webb and he married Mary Pearson Webb date unknown.

My Great Grandfather was John Pearson Webb and he married Asenath Denton Webb date unknown.

My Grandfather was William Franklin Webb and he married Melissia Brannon Webb date unknown and later married my Grandmother Nancy Mary  Anna Etta Halbert Webb. More about this below.

Upon Grandfather William Franklin Webb’s death in 1916 Anna Halbert Webb married Samuel Grant Stanberry date is unknown.

After the death of Grandpa William Franklin Webb’s wife Melissia he then married my Grandma Nancy Mary “Anna” Etta Halbert.  She had married Carl Halbert when she was 16 years old.  I have no idea what happened to him.  But she and my Grandpa met at Cotter Arkansas and she was living in Baxter county, Arkansas.  They were married in Yellville Arkansas on June 1, 1907.  He died October 30, 1916.  Grandma had 13 pregnancies but 4 of these were miscarriages.


Children born to William Franklin Webb were:

By his first wife Melissia Brannon:

William Earl Webb born March 5, 1900 died in 1969 in Shawnee Oklahoma and was a mason.

Troy Eugene Webb born  August 5, 1905 not sure of date of death but we do know that he was a truck driver and hauled gasoline.  He died in a truck wreck in the mountains of California.

Lois Bell Webb born September 5, 1908 not sure of date of death nor have I ever heard of her.


Children born to William Franklin Webb by his 2nd Wife Nancy Mary Anna Etta were:

Claudia Hugh Webb born July 28, 1910 and died on September 12, 1983 and is buried in Bovina Cemetery Bovina, Texas

Ora Franklin Webb born December 10, 1912 and died on June  , 198? And is buried in Blair, Oklahoma.

Charlie Vagil Webb born December 5, 1915 and died on? He was in a motel room in Colorado the cause of death is unknown but has been reported as a possible heart attack.

Paul Ervin Webb born January 21, 1917 and died on June 4, 1996 and at this time he lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


After the death of my Grandpa Webb my Grandmother married Samuel Grant Stanberry of Birta, Arkansas in Yell County on September 26,1917.

 To this union were born:

Alfred Henry (Jack) Stanberry born on April 24, 1919 died on

Vera Elaine Stanberry-Keith born on June 2,1924 and died on


My Grandmother, Nancy Mary Anna Etta Halbert Webb Stanberry, died in 1961 and is buried at Riley’s Creek at Danville Arkansas in a country like cemetery up a mountain from Dutch Creek.

Webb Descendants

Information compiled by Ora Frank Webb and given to my Mother, Bessie Lee Tidwell Webb


Taken from the History of Arkansas by the Goodspeed Historical Memoirs of Northeastern Arkansas pages 827 and 828.

Information from the 1850 census Grundy County Tennessee District 6

John B. Webb (my Great Great Grandfather) was  born in the year of 1800 married Mary Pearson Webb.  They were natives of the same state (Tennessee?) and later moved to Arkansas in 1858 and settled at a point 7 miles west of Powhatan, Arkansas and remained there until his death in 1865.


John Pearson Webb (my Great Grandfather) was the 7th of ten children born to John B and Mary Pearson Webb.  John Pearson Webb was born on May 24, 1844 near Fayetteville, Grundy county, Tenessee.  He died September 4, 1926 in Lamb County, Olton Texas.  Buried in the Olton Cemetery in Olton, Texas.

John Pearson remained on his father’s farm until the disruption of the North and South.  At this time he gave up the plow for the implements of war.  In 1863 he enlisted with Newton’s Regiment of Calvary and fought on several battle fields before the surrender.  He took part in the Battle of Helena and Alexandria on the Red River.  Also the battle at Little Rock on the Arkansas.  John Pearson was a follower of General Price in his raid through Missouri.  After the war ended John Pearson went back home to the farm and remained there until his marriage to Asenath Denton in 1866.  Asenath Denton was born in Tennessee and died in 1878 in Arkansas leaving 7 children to mourn her loss:

*William Frank age 13 born in Arkansas 1866-1916

John Rice age 11 born in Arkansas

Charles G age 9 born in Arkansas

Chelsey N age 7 born in Arkansas

Wiley J age 5 born in Arkansas

Mary S age 4 born in Arkansas

Harvey age 1 born in Arkansas


Later John Pearson married Rebecca Duckworth whom was born near Fayetteville, Tennessee and she died on February 23, 1928 at the age of 83 in Lamb County, Olton,Texas.

 John and Rebecca had 3 children:

Matilda Jo Webb (married Joseph Franklin Wiles)

Henry Pearson Webb  born December 23, 1880 Lawrence County, Denton Arkansas

Elizabeth Webb (married N.C. Danner)

Mary Pearson Webb,  John’s mother, moved back and located near the old homeplace and lived there until 1882.  Then moved to Black River Bottom near their present home for 3 years.  He was a sawmiller and later went into ginning cotton.  (Not sure who the sawmiller and ginner was but  that is what was on the paper from Uncle Frank) because…read on:


John moved to his present home in 1877 and went into farming and has established a business in General Merchandise. He and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church of which John Pearson is a deacon.  He has also been a member of  Dry Creek Lodge #453 , A.F. and A.M. for the past 16 years, but was a member of the Rock Cave Lodge #347 of the conty when Dry Creek Creek Lodge was organized in 1880.

“John Pearson Webb is a generous public spirited citizen and one of the foremost to assist in pushing his county to the front.  He takes an interest in public and private enterprise and is one of the sections most valued citizens.”

** Note to family…how John ended up in Texas is beyond me perhaps another family member has another piece of information on this.


So to put all of this in a nutshell and the way I understand our lineage is below.  I will call them “Mine” but that is only to get a better understanding of how this works..I think!

Pamela Dianne Webb Taylor Clark Hill descendants:

Great Great Grandfather:

John B. Webb married Mary Pearson:

Children were:

Margaret age 19

Chelsey E age 17

Sarah age 15

Henrietta age 13

Mary age 10

June age 10

Anna age 7

*John P. age 4

Reuben age 2

Others in household were:

Sarah Pulman age 65

Reuben P Webb age 50 (have no idea where he comes into the family)


Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother’s

John Pearson Webb married Asenath Denton.

Children were:

*William Frank Webb

Charles G.

Wiley J.

John Rice

Chelsey N.

Mary S.


John Pearson’s 2nd wife Rebecca Duckworth and their children were:

Matilda J.

Henry Pearson


My Grandfather:

William Franklin Webb married Melissia Brannon.

Their children were:

Earl Webb

Gene Webb

Then William Franklin Webb married my grandmother Nancy Mary Anna Etta Halbert and had the following children:

Charlie Webb

Paul Webb

Ora Franklin Webb

*Claudia Hugh Webb


Then my Grandfather William Franklin Webb died and Grandma Anna Etta Halbert (got tired of typing that long name) married Samuel Grant Stanberry and they had 2 children:

Alfred Henry (Jack) Stanberry he married Ruby McCormick and they had 5 children:

1.    Evelyn Stanberry (Morris)

2.    Alfred Stanberry

3.    Kent Stanberry

4.    Linda Stanberry

5.    Rick Stanberry

Elaine Stanberry and she married Wesley Keith. They had children:

1.    LaRhoda Keith (Murphy)



My Father and Mother:

Claudia Hugh Webb born July 28, 1910  in Havana, Arkansas and died September 12, 1983 in Burkburnett, Texas.  Claudia Hugh Webb married my Mother, Bessie Leanna Adaline Tidwell on October 3, 1926.  She was born on September 2, 1909  and she  died on September 12, 1991 in Friona, Texas.

 To this union was born ten children (five boys and five girls:

Vagil Wayne Webb born on October 11, 1928 and died on August 23, 2013

Anna Lee Webb (James Englant )born on July 27, 1931 and died on November 5, 1998

Pauline Eudane Webb (Mills) born on October 6, 1933 and died on  January  11 , 2005

Bobby Hugh Webb born on September 3, 1936 and died on March 13, 2013

Alfred Henry Webb born on April 30, 1940 and died on November 23, 2002

WillIam Larry Webb born June 9, 1943 and died on June 24, 2009

Mary Joyce Webb (Sikes Smith) born on June 7, 1945

Celia June Webb (Muse) born on May 31, 1947 and died on March 21, 2013

*Pamela Dianne Webb( Taylor Clark Hill) born on October 23, 1949 at home in Althimier, Arkansas - Died July 17th 2016 at Kitty Askins Hospice in Goldsboro NC

Samuel Franklin Webb born on January 1, 1952


The families of the children listed above:

Vagil Wayne Webb married Juanita McCormick on October 7, 1944 to their union four children.were born:

A.   Carolyn Jeanette Webb born January 10, 1946 married Wayne Karr on February 16, 1963 and they had 3 children.

1.    Gary Wayne Karr born March 1, 1964 and he married Tammy Barnett in May 1980

a.    Brandon Scott Karr Born October 9, 1981 and he married Natausha  Barrow  and they have 3 children:

                                                                 1. Jordan Tanner Karr born  September 10, 2000

                                                                 2. Emilie Makayle Karr born  August 26, 2003

                                                                 3. Ashlyn  Brianna Karr born  December 21, 2005

b.    Angel Beth Karr born June 19, 1983 and married Shaun Barrow on July 7, 2001  they have two children:

                              1. Aricka Laine Barrow born  August 12, 2003

                              2. Shaun Cole Barrow born  May 2, 2007

c.     Kalvin Tyrel Karr born April 19, 1985 and married Bridget Chapman  on December 29, 2006  they have one child

                     1. Caleb John Wayne Karr born on July 9, 2012

                     2.  Aubree LeeAnn Karr born April 1, 2014

2. Shana Karr Henley born November 14, 1968 married David Wayne Henley Sr.

a.    David Wayne Henley Jr. born October 6, 1989.  He married Jessica Widdoes on October 12, 2013

b.    Russell Karr Henley born February 7, 1991.  He married Kandace Gilbert on March 18, 2014.

c.     Mark Wyman Henley born June 5, 1994

d.    Byron Lee Henley born February 27, 1998

e.    Cara Shanae Henley born September 17, 2002

      d.           Mariam Jeanette Henley born July 26, 2013 Forever in our family July 28, 2015

2.    Sonya Karr Jones born November 25, 1972 married Gary Jones on June 8, 1991.

a.    Garrett Ashton Jones born October 9, 1992

b.    Tiffany Jones born March 9, 1995

B.    Kenneth Dale Webb born January 19, 1948 died on September 17, 1990.  He married Stephanie Brewer on August 13, 1983 and they have two children.

1.    Kendra Darlene Webb born February 25, 1984 she married Otis Odell ( Bubba) Vaughn on July 7, 2007 and 3 children were brought into our family:

a.    Dylan Dewayne Vaughn born December 6, 1996

b.    Jamie Lee Vaughn born June 13, 2000

c.     Ashleigh Tucker born October 21, 1999

d.    Mallorie Ranae Friday born Feburary 10, 2004

 e    Robert Jackson Dale Vaughn born Feburary 28, 2011

2.    Richard Wayne Webb born on June 28, 1986 and  he has two children

a.    Heaven Nicole Peery Webb born September 9, 2003

b.    Kenneth Wayne  Webb born  December 26, 2007

Then Richard married Jamie Crutcher on August 20, 2011

C.    Eddie Dewayne Webb born January 2, 1957 died on July 13, 2009.  He married Rita Smith on April 30, 1976 and they had one son

a.    Keith Christopher Webb born September 1, 1978 married Rose Michie on June 4, 2007

Eddie then married Becky Powers on November 15, 1980 and they had two daughters.

a.    Rachel Renee Nicole Webb on November 10, 1981 and has two children:

                                                               1.  Jasmine Korie Anderson born April 20, 2004

                                                               2.  David Martinez III born June 20, 2006

b.    Aletha Kay Webb born on April 25, 1984 and has two children   married Todd Wayne Casey on Feburary 14, 2012.

                                  1.    Natalie Nicole Wallis  born  May 12, 2005

                                  2.    Brayden Michael Sherman Casey born  June 28, 2007

D.   Jimmy Darrell Webb born December 26, 1961 and he married Sherri Siler on September 23, 1983.  They had 3 children:

a.    Ashley Weaver born September 4, 1981 (previous marriage)married Stephen Sleadd on September 26, 2003 and they have 3 children:

                                                               1. Matthew Parker Sleadd born November 3, 2004

                                                                 2. John Colten Sleadd born January 9, 2007

                                                     3. Caleb Mason Sleadd born January 29, 2009

b.    Jarrod Darrell Webb born August 7, 1986

c.     Samantha Webb born January 18, 1988 married David Redenius on  February 7, 2004 and they have two children:

           1. Serenity Leann Redenius born  September 12, 2005

           2.David Spencer Redenius Jr  born  July 8, 2007

           3. Devin Redenius born on July 2, 2013

d.    Sarah Webb born May 16, 1990 and has one son:

            1.Rylan Scott born October 11, 2010


Anna Lee Webb James Englant married Cecil James October 9, 1946 and they had 8 children.

1. Glenn James Jr born February 2, 1948 and he married Sandra Ashlin on March 22, 1968 and they had 3 sons.

a.    Jody James born January 6, 1971 died on January 9, 1971

b.    Justin James born January 6, 1972 married Shannon Tigner on March 27, 2004.  They have two children:

1. Reagan Glenn James born February 4, 2005

2. Caleb Ross James born October 29, 1996

c.     Jeffrey James born October 4, 1973 and he has one daughter:

1.  Marissa Lynn James born March 3, 1997

2. Cathron Ann James  born February 7, 1949 and married Jimmie Lane Yell December 20, 1971 and they had one son. 

     Cathron later married James Jarrett on February 14, 1982 and he adopted Floyd Lane.

a.    Floyd Lane Jarrett born April 9, 1976


3. Calvin Webb James born July 7, 1950 and died on February 12, 1951

             4.  Gary Lee James born January 2, 1952 married Glenda McCuan on September 22, 1972 They have 3 children:

A.   Maranda James born October 27, 1978 and she married Christopher Pavelka on July 7, 2009 they have two children:

                       1. Hunter Colt James born August 28, 2002

                       2. Dakota Scout Pavelka born May 28, 2008

B.    Morgan Lee James born August 2, 1982 and he married Alisa James on September 18, 2009 they have two children

                         1. Emily Grace James born June 9, 2005

                         2. Noah Lee James born on August 22, 2012

C.    Misty Dallas James born August 21, 1985 married Nicholas Brannon on June 7, 2008 and they have on daughter:

                          1. Adyson Kay Brannon born on  April 10, 2009

5.  Marilyn Kaye James (Collins) born July 13, 1954 married Charles Collins on?

                                                      A. Saunya Marie Collins born December 18, 1973 and married ? on ?

   B. Carla Collins (Kennedy) born on  February 24, 1977 and married Robert Dallas Kennedy on August 18, 2001

    C. James Collins born on ? and married ?

                                                       D. Lessie Collins born on November 8, ? married Brian Wethington  and they have three children:

1.    Jocelyn Wethington June 14, 2010

     2.  Daniel Wethington born on December 1, 2012 and died on January 8, 2014

       3.   Patrick James Wethington born on August 17, 2015


6. Randall Craig James born June 20, 1956 married Ruby Renee Taylor Jarecki on March 14, 1980.

D.   Marsha Kay Jarecki born August 7, 1975 and she married Johnny Levario and they had 2 children:

             1. Jordan Michael Levario born ? died ?

             2. John Anthony Levario born May 24, 1993 and he married Megan Danielle Sharrock on August 31, 2013

Marsha then married Chris Bruce and they had two children:

                                                           1. Christopher  Lee Bruce Jr.  born  May 11, 2001

                                                             2.  Kaylee Rachele Bruce born  January 7, 2004

E.    Thomas Jarecki born  July 3, 1977

F.     Matthew James born December 5, 1981 and he married Crystal Ross and they have 3 children:

1.    Elizabeth Crystal James born July 30, 2003

2.    Abigail Grace James born March 3, 2005

3.    Jeremiah Craig James born May 8, 2007


G.   Jonathan James born July 4, 1984 and married Chantelle  Marquiss  on October 7, 2004.  They haveone son,

                                            1.  Braxton Allen James born on October 4, 2013.

                                                  2.  Maddux Michael James born on June 15, 2015

7. William Timothy James born June 22, 1959 and married Judy ?  They had two children:

                               A. Joshua Timothy James born August 17, 1979 and he has 6 children and married to Rachel Marie McKillip on May 3, 2009

                                      1. Isaiah Joshua  James born November 20, 1996

                                     2.  Anna Victoria James born March 21, 2000

                                     3.  Gavin Timothy James born May 16, 2000

                                                             4. Alexis Christine James born December 15, 2001

                                                              5. Claira Noelle James born November 3, 2006

                                                              6. Jaida Grace James born July 7, 2008


                                 B. Amy Judith James born August 7, 1981 and she has a daughter:

                                                            1. Rhiannyn Amy Reynolds born December 24, 2002

                                 C.  William Jory James born August 10, 1987 and he later had a son with Katie Jones

                                                           1.  Liam Michael James born on September 27, 2012

Then Tim married Vicki McGuire  and she brought a daughter  into our family

                                  D. Crystal McGuire

8. Michael Henry James born January 31, 1961 and married Chris Caldwell on October 3, 1981.  They have one son.

                       A. Isaac Irvin James born May 21, 2002

Then Anna Lee married Floyd Englant on August 23, 1963 and Floyd brought into the family two children, then later he and Anna Lee had3 children

          9.    Floyd Leon (Butch) Englant born January 20, 1943 and he married Patricia Barrows on August 25, 1963.  They had two children:

                                    A. Mary Charlyne Englant and she married Ray Preston on July 20, 1964.  They had six children:

                                                           1. Cassandra Marie Stevens and she married James Morely.  They had one child

                                                                        a.  Tessa

                                                          2.  Joshua Stevens born December 6, 1984

                                                          3.  Julia Stevens born October 26, ?  She married Paul Hysell and they have three children:

                                                                        a.  Kassadi and Alana Hysell born ?

                                                                        b.  Nora Hysell born ?

                                                         4.  Sean Prestonborn ?

                                                         5.  Robbie Preston born ?

                                                         6. Trisha Preston born ?

                                    B.  Bonnie Jean Englant born December 21, 1988

             10.  Dearbara Jean Englant  born on April 10, 1938 and died on November 17, 2012

              11. Mary Rose Englant born March 18, 1964  and she had two children

A.   Krystal Rose born September 18, 1983 and she married Jim Napier They had two children:

            1.    AnnaLee Rose Napier born  January 30, 2007

           2.    Henry Napier born February 17, 2010

B.    Derek Wayne born  May 7, 1985 married Harley on June 16, 2010 and they have three sons.

          1.    Aidan Weber born January 18, 2010

              2.     Richard Lynn Weber born August 22, 2011

             3.     Thoran Stryder Weber born July 2, 2013

Mary Rose later married Rick Weber on February 11, 1989 and he brought one daughter into the family and later adopted Krystal and Derek.

                                    C. Rana Marie Weber born September 12, 1980  and she had one child:

                                            1.  Delvin Chase Rosser born on August 14, 2000

Then Rana married Clay Jones and they had two children:

                                               2.  Anabelle Marie Jones born March 10, 2005

                                               3.  Kaitlynn Bree Jones born June 29, 2009

Mary Rose then married Warren Paterson on November 20, 1999 and he died September 3, 2000


               12. Mark Nolan Englant born March 25, 1966 married Sandra White  and they had two daughters.

                                   A. Tabitha Brittany Englant born December 22, 1983 married Dan Fitzpatrick on October 1, 2002 and he brought into the family one daughter.  Then they had one son.

                                                1.    Harmony Nicole Fitzpatrick born November 28, 1999

2.    Kaden  Gabriel Fitzpatrick  born December 8, 2003

Then Tabitha married Billy Franklin  on October 21, 2008 and they had one daughter

3    Faith Lynn  Franklin born May 24, 2007

Tabitha later had another son

4.    Wyatt James Ruiz born on April 27, 2012


C.    Randa Englant born September 5, 1985 and she has two children :

1.    Jordy Lee Englant born December 5, 2002 and died December 7, 2002

2.    Tynlee Lynnae Romero born February 23, 2006

3.    Taegan Joyce Englant-Arington born February 23, 2012

Then Mark married Sue ?  on ? and they have one child

                                                 1.       Kaleeya Jane Englant born on May 21, 2006

           13. Anthony Bob Englant born November 26, 1967 and married Angela Byrd  whom had one daughter* then  they had three children

A.   Sherri Marie Englant born November 17, 1988 died on December 4, 2004

B.    Mark Anthony Englant born on March 24, 1991

C.    Preston Englant born on November 24, 1992

D.   Taffanie Loraine born August 12, 1985 died on December 4, 2004

Tony later married Lisa Taylor on April 23, 2003 and she brought into our family one son:

E.    Brandon Lee Ganaway born September 18, 1985 died on October 10, 2010

Pauline Eudane Webb Mills married Truitt Alfred Mills on December 24, 1953 he died on March 24, 1971.  They had 4 daughters:

1.    Patti Anita Mills born November 11, 1954 married Mike Gencarelli on August 2, 1974 and they have 3 daughters:

A.   Angella Gencarelliborn May 14, 1975

B.    Amber Gencarelli born August 10, 1978 married Kirk Kornegay on March 5, 2005 and they have two children

1.     Addison Kate Kornegay born  August 26, 2008

2.     Hudson Michael Kornegay born  September 8, 2013

C.    Aubree Gencarelli born January 12, 1985

2. Deborah Dawn Mills born August 4, 1957 married Dan Goldsmith on February 14, 1975 and they have 2  daughters.

           A. Rachel Goldsmith born December 31, 1977 married Matthew Dowling on September 10, 2000 and they have 2 sons and 1 daughter.

                                                           1. Gabriel Matthew Dowling born May 3, 2001

                                                           2.  Gideon Noble Dowling born November 15, 2004

                                                           3.      Trinity Dawn Dowling born February 24, 2014

B. Sarah Golsmith Silvas born July 17, 1979 and she has 3 sons:

                                   1. Issac Payton Silvas born April 12, 2000

                                   2. Jacob Dylan  Silvas born  May 16, 2001

      3. Nicholas Trey  Silvas born June 14, 2002

3. Karla Renee Mills born July 31, 1960 married Jarrod Withrow on January 2, 1982.  They had 3 children:

                              A. Layai Withrow born August 14, 1983

                              B. Emily Withrow born February 20, 1986 and married Seth Christian Smith  October 10, 2010  and they have 1 daughter.

                                                            1.  Norah Pauline Smith born December 9, 2013

                              C. Jordan Truett Withrow born March 19, 1989 and married Aryn Stark on September 17, 2011.

4. Kara Denise Mills born February 5, 1962 and married Mike Fulcher on January 28, 1985

Bobby Hugh Webb  married Tempey Willis Webb on October 23, 1953 and they had two daughters.

1.    Barbara Kay Webb born March 5, 1957 and married Charles Kernott on  April 15, 2006 and  Charles Kernott  brought 2 daughters into our family.

A.   Melissa Kernott born September 9, 1971 and she married John Darren Ward May 24, 1997 and they have 3 children.

                                              1.Christopher Arran Ward born October 9, 2008

                                               2. Joshua Andrew Ward born  November 29, 2000

                                               3. Eliana Grace Ward born September 2, 2005

                       B. Dana Kernott born February 13, 1982 and she has one son

                                            1.  Zephaniah Kernott born on December 11, 2012.

2.    Brenda Faye Webb born January 29, 1960 and married Bill Banks  August 23, 1980 and they have two daughters:

A.   Angela Banks born December 25, 1988

B.    Allison Banks born July 18, 1990

Alfred Henry Webb married Faye Nichols Fried on November 7, 1961.  Faye brought into our family:

A. Barbara Ann Fried

            B. Mark Fried

       C.  Jerri Kay Fried

Then Al and Faye had two daughters:

                       D. Bessie Elizabeth Webb  born June 20, and she married Raul Casas Jr on February 12, 1983 and they had 3 children.

                                           1.   Raul Casas Jr. III born on October 7, 1983 married Lyndi Born on July 17, 2009

                                2.   Robert Casas born May 13, 1985 has a son with Maria Rodriguez:

                                       A. Jathan Cain Rodriguez Casas born June 12,2006

                               3.  Bethany Casas born January 9, 1995

 E. Francis LeAnn Webb born December 11, 1967 and married Kirk Pigg on August 10, 1985.  They had 3 children:

     1. Megan Michelle Pigg born March 18, 1986 and she married Jarred Etheredge on November 11, 2004  and they have two daughters and one son:

                                        A.  Allie B. Etheredge born April 12, 2005

                                     B.   Jadyn L. Etheredge born July 18, 2007

                                        C.  Slade Wyatt Etheredge born August 15, 2011

                                              2. Mackenzie Brook Pigg born January 22, 1990  and she married Jimmy Castillo on December 30, 2011 and they have one child born to their union.

                                                    A. Oliver Cliff Castillo born September 7, 2013

                                              3.  Tate Pigg born January 11, 1995  and he married Hannah Foreman on August 9, 2013

Then Al married Betty Paul and she brought into our family one daughter

          F .Gala Lynn Webb born September 7, 1974 and she married Nathaniel (Nate) Ellery  Wilson August 6,  1994 and they have two daughters:

              1. Chandler Shea Wilson born March 17, 1995

              2. Natalie Marai Wilson born September 9,  1996

Then Al married Kathy Waller on ? and she brought into the family two children:

                                  G. John who later changed his name to Webb born May 20, 1968 and he has one daughter:

                                                       1. Brienna Kae Webb born October 22, 1994

                                  H. Joy Waller born  September 30, 1976 and she has 2 children:

                                                    1. Austin Clark born June 13, 2002

                                                    2. Miranda Clark born August 21, 2003

William Larry Webb  married Patsy Lloyd on June 13, 1961 and they had two children:

                                   A. Becky Dalene Webb born January 21, 1967 and she married Billy Hughes and they had two children.

                                                     1. Brennan Don Hughes born July 8, 1998                                                                          

                                                     2. Baylee D’Lynn Hughes born April 9, 2003                                                                  

                                B.Larry Kendell Webb born December 11, 1969 and he married Natausha Owens and they had one daughter:

                                                    1. Kirklyn Skylar Webb born on March 19,1999

Mary Joyce Webb married John Sikes March 2, 1962 and they had two sons:

                                   A. Alan Dale Sikes born March 20, 1964 and he married Dee Ann Wiley on August 4, 2007 and they have two children:

                                                    1. Brittany Sikes born  December 2, 1993

                                                    2. Brailee Sikes born  March 13, 2009

                                   B. John Richard Sikes born April 22, 1966 and he married Amy Middaugh and they had one son:

                                                1. Garhett Sikes born January 13, 1989

                         John Richard (Rick) later married Misty Shackleford on May 1, 2011 and she brought into the family 2 sons and 1 daughter:

                                                 2.  Joshua Nealy born May 8, 1985 and with Courtney Kendrick they have four children:

                                                        A. Taylor  born on November 23, 2003

                                                        B. Jessie born on April 31, 2007

                                                        C. Jaxon born on March 16, 2008

                                                         D. Tristan born on December 22, 2010

                                                         E.  Raelynn Nealy born on December 24, 2013

                                               3.    Cody Roll born March 19, 1990 and he married Anna Smotherman and they have 2 children:

                                                        A.  Emerie Roll born on July 31, 2010

                                                         B. Carter Roll born on August 15, 2012

                                                4.  Mayson Zacharias and she was born on September 3, 2002

Then Joyce married  Arthur M. Smith on November 27, 1993 and he brought into our family 3 daughters:

                                     C. Twila Smith Gorley born July 3, 1969 she married John Gorley  and they have 4 children:

1.    Jessica Gorley born  January 17, 1992

2.    James Gorley born  July 8, 1989

3.    Joshua Gorley born July 7, 2006

4.    Janelle Gorley born July 12, 2008

                                        D. Karen Smith born  May 3, 1973 married Shane Brown  and they have four children:

1.    Isabella Brown born on August 8, 2005

2.    Lockney Jo Brown born on May 23, 2007

3.    Lanny Shane Brown born on March 22, 2009

4.    Wyly Edwin Brown born May 31 2012

                 E. Esther  Yvonne Smith  born July 27, ? and she married John Romine

Celia June Webb married Tommy Ray Muse on August 22, 1970 and they have two children:

                       A. Shiela June Muse Hinckley born March 5, 1974

                       B. Bryan Scott Muse born December 16, 1977 and he married Angela O’Quinn and they have two daughters:

1.    Layna Moree Muse born June 13, 1997

2.    Storey Renea Muse born September 9, 1998

Bryan then married Dana Kissinger  and they had 3 sons:

3.    Haile Muse born on March 3, 2001

4.    Kailan Muse born on August 25, 2002

5.    Liam Muse born on  February 22, 2003

Pamela Dianne Webb married Steve Arlin Taylor on January 23, 1968 and they had two daughters:

A. Melissa Dianne Taylor born August 18, 1969

                        B. Tammy Arlene Taylor born July 22, 1972 and she  married Tracy Lee Moses on February 2, 1991  they have one son:

1.    Alexander Nicholas Moses on August 14, 1997

Pam then married Melvin O. Clark and he had 4 sons:

                       C. John Clark

                       D. Alan Clark

                       E. Mel Clark II

                       F. Danny Clark


Pam then married Michael John Hill (July 12, 2003) who brought two children and two grandchildren into the family: 

G.   Paul John Hill  born May 11, 1969 and he married Sonja Royle on September 3, 1990  They have two children.

1.    Natasha Hill born April 5, 1991

 2. Thomas Hill born February 21, 1994

                  H. Samantha Jane Hill born August 22, 1970 and she married Dave DePauw on June 7, 2002

Samuel Franklin Webb married Rhonda Robertson Ketcherside on August 15, 1980.  Rhonda and with their union two sons were brought into our family:

                                   A. Joe DeWayne Ketcherside born November 10, 1968 and he married Rachel Cera  on ? and they have 3 sons:

1.    E.J. Ketcherside born March 16, 1992

2.    Jordan Ketcherside born August 26, 1995

3.    Samuel Jacob Ketcheside born November 16, 1998

B. Stephen Wayne Ketcherside born October 1, 1971 and he married Gina Owens on March 20, 1999.  They have two daughters:

1.    Kylee Brooke Ketcherside born  September 4, 2007

2.    Kira Grace  Ketcherside born  May 14, 2009

3.     Jackson Bryce Ketcherside born October 12, 2013