The time of our youth has rushed by, and now our children are grown and have families of their own. Some of their families have families and so forth.....therefore giving us Our New Generations!

We have so many young people in our family that I can't include all of them on this page but you can find the others in my photo albums.

I am pleased to introduce the future planners of our Webb Reunions and Family Christmas's and all of our conglomarations.



This is my grandson, Alex. Although he isn't Texas born he is Texas through and through. His Mom and I have fun getting him ready for the Super Bowl game depending on whose playing. She likes the Dolphins and Green Bay, but Nanna likes the Cowboys and the Broncos! Alex isn't sure which team to root for so he just hollers and claps his hands for all of them.

Alex is very talented, he has learned how to hit the redial button on the phone. His Mom had called me early one morning and we talked for awhile, then got on the computer and chatted. In a few minutes, my phone rang and it was Alex. Now here I was in chat with his Mom and he on the phone. We were having quite a time throwing hugs back and forth on the phone until his Mom discovered what he had done. Oh my goodness, he was in trouble.....and it was my fault!



Layai, is Polly's granddaughter. She has a beautiful singing voice, a talent that comes from both sides of her family. Layai, has a sister, Emily, and a brother, Jordan.

Polly has 5 other granddaughters as well. She is truly blessed with all of her grandchildren.



Garhett is Joyce and Art's grandson. He is one inventive little guy, of course his Dad, Rick was too. Garhett has a little guitar that he brought to our reunion this year. He really got to jamming with his uncles and then took his bow. Just like a pro! He likes to listen to CMT and knows quite a few songs. Violin lessons are on his curriculum now, then guitar lessons, then......more instruments? I bet so!



Kirkland & Brennon, grandchildren of Larry and Patsy, are the true saying of "kissin' cousins".

Kirkland's Dad, Brennon's Mom, and their granddad, Larry are all very musical. They stand every chance of being muscially inclined, so our family musical tradition will be carried on and from the looks of it "Lots" of love!



This group of young people are some of the great/grandchildren of Wayne & Juanita. Time sure has a way of passing. They were all on vacation at the time of this picture. I am sure that all of them had a wonderful time. They could have a reunion of their own, but.. we want you at our Webb reunion too!



Layna & Storey are the granddaughters of June & Tommy. These little girls love to go to their "Jaayme's" house and she loves having them but they really keep her on the go.

I'm not sure but what Storey will decide to be a football player. She had quite a time of running up and trying to knock her great Aunt Pam over then would hug my neck. Soothing my old age aches & pains....could be.



Sam & Rhonda enjoys their three little grandsons tremendously. What one of these little boys can't think of the others can so it keeps the dear ole grandparents going all of the time.

E.J. and Jordan are very sports minded but then their Dad is a sports fan of all kinds. Jacob the smallest one is trailing right along in their footsteps too. He will take a wooden spoon or whatever and pretend it is a bat and want you to throw him a ball. Then he takes off running like he is going to the bases.... well he is in his little mind. Some team will have a heyday with these three!


These are just a "very" few of my nieces and nephews, great and otherwise. Our family will carry on for lots of future generations and it is our hope that all of them will come back to their backgrounds and be proud of all of us. We have done our best to raise our children to the best of our abilities, and they in turn are raising their children to their best.

I hope you have enjoyed this page and know in your heart that although not all of our children are shown here, we are very proud of each and everyone of you.